Shine a spotlight on your skills with Tenei

The workforce of the future is changing rapidly and employers want to match people with the skills they need in their team. The power to present yourself directly to potential employers is in your hands.

Working with Lyn Harrision of Atahaia Consulting, the team at Cognitiv ideated and extracted a key problem statement to solve for using digital solutions. 

Lyn Harrison is an experienced recruitment and communications strategist with a long work record in both the private and public sectors. Lyn established the first Maori specific recruitment service in 1999 and has worked with a range of Maori organisations and businesses, private and public sector agencies to source and place candidates in roles from senior executive level to administration. 

Iteratively and collaboratively, the team was able to innovate and deliver an MVP product that can be found here today.

Watch out for Tenei as we look to accelerate its adoption across the New Zealand.